Ongoing projects

Development of compulsory school social science subjec (Civics)

Time: 2019

Jaan Tõnisson Institute has been involved in the development and advancement of a social science (Civics) subject in Estonia since the restoration of independence. By now, the need for cardinal alteration of this compulsory subjest at Esonian schools has become evident. During 2019, the Civic Education Center analyzes current practices in the implementation of the curriculum of social science (Civics) in the National Curriculum and, in cooperation with Estonian and foreign partners, develops recommendations for teachers enabling modernization of subject teaching.


“STEPS - Survival toolkit for EDC in Postfactual Societies”

Year: 2017 - 2019

ERASMUS+ mobility project STEPS will bring together 15 partner organisations from different European countries for 2-years cooperation. Partners will discuss the essence and demands of so-called Postfactual Society, develop EDC (Education for Democratic Citizenship) Kit promoting knowledge and skills for living in the new reality and providing traing-of-trainers for disseminating the outcomes of the project. The launch of the project takes place in June 2017 in Berlin. The following meetings of the partners will be held in Spain and Greece.


Curriculum Reform for Promoting Civic Education and Democratic Principles in Israel and in Georgia (CURE)

Year: 2016-2019

JTI Civic Education Centre participates in three-years lasting (2016 – 2019) Erasmus+ project “Curriculum Reform for Promoting Civic Education and Democratic Principles in Israel and in Georgia” (CURE). CURE is a multi-faceted program for curricular reform that aims to improve the level of curriculum for Civic Education and Principles of Democracy in teacher-training programs in Israel and in  Georgia through: developing new courses, faculty training workshops, student leadership training, student activities, establishing Civic education clubs/centers at CURE's Israeli and Georgian universities and colleges and in schools where students practice teach.

The introductory seminar of the project took place in December 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia.