Development Cooperation Centre

The Institute of Jaan Tõnisson started its development cooperation activities in December 2010, when representatives of JTI and Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies met for the first time in Georgia. Both sides agreed that strategic goals of the organizations are similar and there is need for cooperation in the field of civic society development in Georgia.

In 2011 preparations were further developed and possible project areas mapped, based on the experience of both organizations. Together it was decided that first project should target problems of Armenian minorities in Georgia, which are similar to Estonian situation 10-15 years ago – little or no interest in participating the municipal and state level governing, low level of participation in civic society organizations etc. Estonia has managed to solve such issues and Georgian experts were interested in best practices and models to be implemented in Georgia.

In 2012 the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported the development co-operation project of JTI and GFSIS "Helping to integrate the Armenian minority into Georgian society”.

In 2013 the JTI and GFSIS will continue development co-operation projects in Georgia. At the same time the JTI is looking for further co-operation possibilities in other countries.


Kaur Sarv
Executive of Development Cooperation Centre

Keit Spiegel
Project Manager of Development Cooperation Centre